Camo & Calvin

Simplicity. That was the main idea for this look. This look is the product of when you combine procrastination + laziness (seriously). Luckily, I've mastered the art of getting ready at the last minute and making it look like I actually planned my outfits (which rarely ever happens). So for this look, I paired my camo jeans from Zara with my Calvin Klein tank and my sheer olive tee, which is also from Zara. I typically pair my sheer tee's with bralettes under them for a more sexy look but this time around I wanted to keep it simple (conservative) and allow the tee to just act as a accent to the look. The sheer tee also compliments the camo jeans very well, so mission accomplished! Also, since Calvin Klein is associated with a more calm aesthetic, I thought this tank would fit in perfectly for the look I was attempting (idek what I going for honestly).  For the shoes, I decided wear a pair of booties that I haven't worn in like 3 years. Have you guys ever done that? Wear something because you haven't worn it in a while and you feel like your neglecting the hell out of it? I do. I feel bad like I owe it more than that or something (lol seriously). Well thats the story with these booties. Moral of the story is when you have style and a vision, picking out a outfit is effortless (even when you have 20 minutes to leave the house). 

Love you guys and stay tuned for my Editorial! 

Photography by Augie.1 

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