So glad I finally got a chance to wear this fringe skirt for you guys! The best thing about this fringe piece is that it is detachable, yes detachable. So you can literally put it around anything! I believe I bought the fringe piece from (I don't remember 100%) and the separate black skirt i'm wearing under it, is from Fashionnova (literally in love with this site, the prices are great). I paired this skirt with a denim-looking crop top, from Zara of course. the leather jacket i'm wearing is from Zara as well. My booties are from Steve Madden. I love this look because it's so transitional. Without the fringe piece on top of my black pencil skirt, its a simple look that can be worn to work and school (which is wear I wore it to). However, once I put on the fringe, the look instantly became head-turning party look. The best part about this look is it wasn't expensive to create at all! Aside from the leather jacket, the black pencil skirt, the fringe detachable piece, and the crop top cost me under $50.00 in total! So advice? Expand your shopping habits. explore different stores. I know we have our fave stores to shop in because you can never go wrong with their products, but if you find something cheaper in another store that is similar to what you like from your fave store (in my case Zara) , go for it! 

P.S. I cant wait to show you guys some new looks I've been wanting to try! Stay tuned 

Photography by Augie.1 

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